fitting session is conducted by our licensed club fitter with the stage of art golf rader – FlightScope®

fitting with flightscope

FlightScope®, the world’s first-ever 3D Doppler Golf Radar, is a premier portable indoor-outdoor ball-flight and launch monitor. Accurate, user-friendly and affordable, it is in use for golf instruction, swing analysis and club fitting around the world.

PURA GOLF Limited uses a product allows us a means of measuring each shot a golfer hits during a fitting session. The FlightScope ball tracking monitor is the most technologically advanced piece of fitting equipment in the world.  Furthermore, PURA GOLF is the Asian distributor for FlightScope which is the very 1st 3D tracking radar for golf.

FlightScope®,是世界上有史以來第一部採用三維”多普勒”的高爾夫雷達, 它亦是一部便攜式的”高爾夫球飛行發射顯示器”! 它的準確性不容置疑,親切的介面,令每位用戶易於操作. 在眾多的高爾夫球監察糸統中,它的售價亦是相當吸引,它適合用於高爾夫教學,揮桿分析, 量身訂造及個人練習。在歐洲, 美國, 中國, 日本及世界各大高爾夫球用具品牌, 專業球手, 量身訂製師, 高爾夫球會所及練習場中, 最可靠及值得信賴!
PURA GOLF就是首間採用FlightScope這個世界目前首創的3D立體高科技雷達糸統去測試及量度客人每一次擊球時球桿的揮動, 姿勢及擊球距離。而且,PURA GOLF亦是FlightScope的亞洲代理

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